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Protecting Homes & Family

Hillary Nixon is a focused and meticulous attorney who works hard to uncover small details that may make a huge difference in your case. She takes the time to understand your special family dynamics and is compassionate and caring. Hillary knows this is one of the most difficult times in your life and will protect you and your family.

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No one ever considers divorce on their wedding day. But when dreams and goals are interrupted, it is often heartbreaking and costly. Hillary L. Nixon can help protect your assets and reorganize your family.

Community Property & Partitions

Dividing property is a special part of the law. It’s not as simple as simply drawing a line down the middle. Many factors can determine which party is awarded marital assets, and Hillary will make sure she knows and understands the details of your property so she can help you receive that to which you are entitled.


Hillary realizes that families must make tough decisions for their aging relatives, and she is here to make sure that when that time arrives, she does what is right to protect the interests of the family while continuing to understand the special needs of those who may no longer have the ability to make decisions for themselves. The focus is on the family, not winners or losers.


A delicate part of family law, paternity may need to be established to protect those on either side of the courtroom. Whether it’s a father wanting to visit his child or a mother needing to provide for her children, Hillary Nixon knows that one of the most important tests a child ever takes is that to protect his or her future.


Adoption may be the greatest act of love possible. When parents love a child so much that they want to establish a strong legal connection that allows that child benefits and access as a legal part of the family, it is an action never forgotten. Hillary Nixon is honored to be part of this giving part of family law and can make sure the child’s rights are protected specifically to his or her particular circumstances.


Parents often need to ensure that if they are somehow unable to make decisions, either due to extreme health reasons or death, that their desires are recorded regarding the care of their children. This important documentation can be your voice if you are no longer able to communicate your decisions.

Child Custody & Visitation

It’s not as simple as every other weekend and holiday, and sometimes, that’s not in the best interest of the child. Whether you are seeking more access to your child or attempting to limit visitation due to sensitive circumstances, Hillary Nixon can help outline a new plan for you and your family.

Child Support

Children are expensive. There are calculators all over the internet to determine what will fulfill basic needs, but there are always special circumstances. Adequate and fair child support calculations must take many factors into account. Hillary Nixon knows what details can affect child support and will help you and your family determine what is in the best interest of your children and fight for them in court.

Name Change

This can be a painful and confusing part of a child’s life. Whether it’s due to an exciting marriage to the child’s parent or the unfortunate absence of that parent, name changes present a special challenge. We will help you explain why a name change is important for your child’s belonging and understanding.